Renaissance Faire Related Links

The first group of links listed below are the websites of some of the folks who post to the newsgroup Alt.Fairs.Renaissance. Check them out!



The AFR Pantheon

The Sarcasticlan

Welcome to Snipe.Net, home of the Red Haired Snipe

Myest...The Concrete Forest of BronxElf

Kewl Stuff from Red Sonja

Pyrates Royale

Renaissance Faire Pictures

CatheB: InterNut Comedienne

Rosalily's RenFest Regalia

Bob's Pictures

Casteal de MacLabhran

CyberKender's Home Page

PotWench - Clay Whimsies

GypsyLynx's Lair

Here there be dragons...

Danicia's Renaissance Page

Welcome to the Home of Castle Wassail

Castle MacDóbhran

LCLacemker's Home Page

Shadows Renaissance Retreat

Look! A signpost!

Kalani's Renaissance Faire Page

Grotto of the Geek Goddess

Stone And Steel - The King Richard's Faire Photos

Dragonfly Design

Stuart's Castle

Kevin "bob" Fenzi's Home page.

Anahysia's Tyme Portal

Lavendar's Home Page

Chlora MacNeil O'Dobhrain

Keltik-The S.H.D.G of The Wall (by the White Hart Tavern stage @ MDRF)

Erika Haynes

the official Sound & Fury website

the Bristol Harbor Seadog website

Faith Moser

Laura K

Rick Schmidt - Oak and Iron Forge



Robin the Scribner

Melis - Wench #407

Sir James Alebegonne

Photos of Ren Faires from Wm. Shakespeare's Diary

MacGregor Historic Games



Suzanne Gordon

Raymond Cornelius MacDóbhran


Ohio Washer Wenches


Jas O'Growney

Brett Ryan

Lady and the Fool, Inc.

Elizabeth of the Tudor Tarts

DragonChylde's Lair

Shaiana's Quiet Corner

Tony Baldacci's Web Page

Fireblade's Home Page

Dawntreader's Domain

Maso della Tromba

Knightly Endeavors

Welcome to the Cardiff Rose!

Bester's Ren Spot

Vicky - Meadwench, mommy, computer geek

Darren McDonald, aka Darius of Baja

Lady Druantia's Abode

The Glen

Lord Kilmaurs, Earl of Glenncairn

CIF's Coalition of Male Chew Toys

The Sons of Anacreon

Lisa Dapper Butts

Olde Hippie

Robert of Scaleslea

George Laking AKA Ryleh the Wanderer

Lundegaard Armoury

Gibbon the Troubadour

Sea Otter - Snookum

Quinnalt's Home Page

Welcome to Olympus!

La Compagnia

Lord Bodicefitter

Rick Shellhouse

Knights of Saint George

James Burnash

Thorin's RPG and Rennie Archives

AKA Stephen "The Forester" of Trillingham

Beth AKA Peldyn verch Hywel - Site one

Site two

Mistress Willa

Aredhel, Wench #599


Pendragon Dream Factory

Lorelei's Lair

The Emerald Dragon

Kathleen the Cat-Tender

Merry Misfits

Lisa - D'Cupcake MacDobhran

Minstrosity - Folk Music

Dan Sabath

Lady Laurel

Kirvin's World

Kelly Carlson

Apple Dolls


Danse Macabre

Robin Hopcus

The Soiled Doves!!


Rat Races

Ron Bargoot's Home Pages



The International Wenches Guild : Local 69

The Loyal Order of Himbos

AKA The Guild of Saint Obsequious

The International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads.

The Renaissance Festival Mercenaries Guild

The RenRat Nation

The Renaissance Festival Veterans Administration

Vampyre Hunters Guild

Assassin's Guild

The Vrijbuit Shipping Company

The Sovereign Rose, Companie of Lawe

The Guild of St. Maximilian's

The Guild of Santa Maria

Sea Dogs & Other Acquaintances -- Falcon


The Guild of Saint Cuthbert

The Bards' Guild



"The Directorie of Renaissance Faires."

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Calaveras Celtic Faire

Camlann Medieval Faire

Castle Renaissance Faire

Central Coast Renaissance Festival

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Crossroads Annual European Renaissance Festival

Crossroads Renaissance Festival of Palm Springs

Dickens on the Strand

Enchanted Lake Faire

Florida Renaissance Festival

Folsom Tournament & Renaissance Fayre

Four Winds Renaissance Faire

Ft. Myers Medieval Faire

Genoa Renaissance Faire

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Grand Valley State University's Faire

Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire at Wentzville

Hammond Castle Renaissance Faire

Hanford CA, Renaissance of Kings Cultural Arts Faire

Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire

Huntington Renaissance Faire

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Kansas Newman College Renaissance Faire

Kearney Park Renaissance Fair

Maine Renaissance Faire

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Michigan Renaissance Festival

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom

New York Renaissance Faire

North Carolina Renaissance Faire

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Ontario Renaissance Festival

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Ravenhearst Medieval Fantasy

Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Northern California

Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California

Reno Renaissance Faire

San Antonio Renaissance Faire

Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire

Scarborough Renaissance Faire

Seawinds Defenders Tournament and Renaissance Faire

Shakespeare Renaissance Faire

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Silver City Renaissance Faire

Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire

Southern Shakespeare Festival


Sterling Renaissance Festival

Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Texas Renaissance Festival

the Italian Renaissance Festival at Vizcaya

Tulare Renaissance Festival

UnderHill Village Faire and Feast

Valhalla Renaissance Festival

Virginia Renaissance Faire

West Texas Renaissance Faire

Willits Celtic Renaissance Faire

Withrow Renaissance Festival

Woodstock Renaissance Faire

Wybreg Village Renaissance Festival



More Faire Related Links

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The Web Ring of Renaissance Faire Pictures



Medieval/Renaissance history links

The Society for Creative Anachronism - An international organization dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th century European history.

Karen's Medieval Home Page

MacGregor Historic Games

Ken's WebSampler: Middle Age and Renaissance

PSC Medieval Society

Ravensgard Medieval Arts and Crafts

The Song of Roland (DL SunSITE)

Renaissance Studies - Medieval History Net Links

Middle Ages

Medieval and Renaissance Art, History, Literature and Music

World History Compass, European History

Medieval & Renaissance History

Links to Medieval and Renaissance Web Sites


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